This is one restaurant that holds on to their philosophy in bringing people closer during meal and at the same time making sure to serve food with good quality. The owner believes in bonding sessions during meal and meals like dimsum and steamboats are best to emphasize their concept. The name of the restaurant would not make much sense in English but directly translates from Mandarin to bring the meaning – ‘’getting together’’. What’s a better meal to get together other than steamboat and dimsum?


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The dim sums are available all day long, while the steamboat serving is available 6pm-11pm. Located among many other shops in the forever bustling locale here at USJ, spotting thing one won’t be difficult. They are right opposite the Starbucks Coffee. Parking bay is always challenging here but they serve good for local patron around this neighborhood.


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The comfortable and neat layout with air conditioned seats makes dining contended and enjoyable most of the time. The last time I checked in was for their Dim Sum and it was fresh in my memory with the good recipe and fresh ingredients. This time around, the steamboat did not fail to once again impress me with the assortment and the variation of choices.


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The soup varieties comes in four choices; Pork bone (RM15 per pot/RM 8 per half pot), Tom yum (RM13.80 per pot/RM 7.50 per half pot), Curry (RM13.80 per pot/RM 7.50 per half pot) and HongKong style century egg with Chinese parsley soup (RM 10 per pot/ RM 6 per half pot) . I am definitely intrigue with curry and century egg, something unique and rare when it comes to steamboat. The pork bone soup is the evident of passion and effort from the chef. The thick and intense flavour is good when stand alone. With the generous pork bone and chicken along with long boiling hours of minimum 6 hours at least, it delivers amazing flavour.


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Curry also did not fall far or too short of awesomeness from the Pork and Bone Soup. It was my first time trying steamboat with curry soup. Unlike the conventional curry we are all familiar with, this one resembles a smooth and creamier version of Japanese curry. It was sweet and delightfully flavoured with aroma of curry while everything that cooks in it also turned into something unique. Dipping sauce of any kind would not be necessary for this one.




Curry was creamy with adequate amount of coconut milk and was obviously pleasant to have fresh assorted steamboat ingredients to dip and cooked in the hot boiling soup. If you ask me, it reminded me HongKong’s curry fish ball if you cook them long enough.


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For those who like a little bit more of excitement, there is the TomYum soup with solid ingredients drifting on the surface. The colour of this itself makes me real happy. It was slightly a bit harsh when it comes to the spike of spiciness but those who love tomyum, this one is unrelentingly acceptable.


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Meanwhile, the century egg with Chinese parsley soup might have appeared slightly weak compared to the rest of the soups but was great for most of the gourmet fish balls and fresh sliced meats. Pair that with the home made sauce, steamboat can never be more satisfying.




The restaurant take pride in their home made sauces but since most of the soups were already flavourful on its own, these sauces became a bonus for those with a stronger palate.


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They have a great assortment of meats to cater to all; there were chicken marinated with wine, sliced pork, bacon, luncheon meat, and smoked pork. Mostly thinly sliced for swift and fast cooking is a great joy for steamboats.


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Seafood are all decently good and suffice to please the palate of seafood lover. You can omit the usual frozen processed meat balls here since the trend in this restaurant is homemade style.


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While waiting for them to cook, munch on their Fried Dumplings and Fried Fu Chuk. Perfectly deep fried for the crispy crunch sensation, it was pleasurable and addictive. Would be amazing to go with cold beer!


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So where are the vegetables right? The vegetables range was decent too, and one that caught my attention was the all time favourite Tang Oh( Chrysanthemum Garland). This leaf is known to have a distinct flavour and a light tinge of bitterness so not many is accustomed to it. I absolutely love this it and is obviously one that is perfect for steamboat. Alas, not every steamboat restaurant serves this one. Bravo to G-YiTang. (applauses…)
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Fear not if you didn’t manage to gather enough kaki for steamboat since they also have the personal mix platter with selective mix of ingredients good for portion for one.


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Lastly cool the heat with their in house Herbal Tea. Something they take pride in and I have to concur and praise the charitable use of ingredients when boiling this. The herbal tea would rotate on daily basis, and I got to try the winter melon.


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To view prices and availability of ingredients for steamboat, click here .


G-YiTang is located opposite Starbucks Coffee at:
N0 48, JLN USJ 10/1B,
Tel: 0380816488
GPS: 3.049530,101.584351


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