The Chinese New Year is culturally celebrated for 15 days and if you are one of those whom wouldn’t mind some more Yee Sang at this point or still looking for more, now is the time to go grab some more Yee Sang. And just in case if you cannot find more people to toss the Yee Sang with you, then Sushi King is your solution. Portion for two sells at RM 8.88 and you can be sure that salmon would be fresh. But what intrigued me are the other ingredients.




Cleverly putting together common Japanese ingredients together, there are shredded cucumber, salmon, crab meat, shredded egg, scallops, tobiko, sesame seed and more. As for the golden pillows (the crunchy bites), here is substituted with tempura batter.


2.sushi lousang (7)


Apart from fresh ingredients and a good mix of choices, another ultimate key to good YeeSang would be the sour plum sauce. This one was really thick and when mixing tend to clump and thoroughly mixing everything would take some effort. A little squeeze of lime also makes a vast different to the flavour of the YeeSang.


3.sushi lousang


To celebrate the auspicious New Year, there is a series of creative dishes with mainly seafood. Girls would love this Collagen Salmon at RM 5. Have the collagen beads enclosed with raw salmon slice on your gunkan maki.


4.sushi lousang -collagen beads


And my all time favourite Salmon and the Cheese Ebiko which happens to have a slight spike of fiery sensation at the finishing, as well as the Fuku Sushi lightly coated with mayo and lightly sprinkled with tobiko.


5.sushi lousang (3)
6.sushi lousang (4)


Hotate were fresh and sweet and was great with pink caviar and serving 3 on one shell on a bed of onion was a generous move to make eating real simple. I didn’t quite like the idea of topping this with spring onion as I feel that the flavour totally masked the lightly sweet hotate thus making it less attractive.


7.sushi lousang (6)


On top of this CNY promo, I realized the Sushi King is now a lot more glorious with the choices of sushi and Japanese dishes. It caught me by surprise and I realized that I haven’t been updating myself with their choices of new dish. Guess I’ll visit them again soon. The Sesame sauce Udon served with tempura warrants a return for sure.


8.sushi lousang (8)
9.sushi lousang (9)


Apparently there are a lot more which I am pretty keen to try it out. The current CNY promo is available all through January and till the 28th of Feb 2014.




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