One of the many unique restaurants in KL with one of prettiest and most fabulous views to enjoy while dining is the revolving restaurant in KL Tower. Serving a range of international and Malaysian cuisine, the buffet varieties housed in one of the world’s tallest tower is a good choice for tourist and local diners. Revolving at 282m above ground level surely is a unique way to dine with a remarkable view. Unless if you are acrophobia.


1.360 kl (3)


The buffet range seemed extensive when I visited. Bread and soup was fresh and the crew did a good job making sure food was served at top condition with perpetual replenishing at a decent rate.


2.360 kl (32)
3.360 kl -wild mushroom soup


The choices were in a glorious range and most slightly skewed to Malaysian delights, something we are more familiar with. The Chicken Briyani and assorted curry were pleasant and serving podium was very neat and kept tidy at all time.


4.360 kl -chicken briyani


The Masala and Lamb Curry were cooked with a good mix of fresh ingredients and clever use of delicious fuse of herbs and spices.


5.360 kl -masala (1)
6.360 kl -lamb curry


And because there is a high traffic of dinners, the ingredients are all good and fresh so it really reflects at the outcome of the dish. The Roasted Lamb with Garlic Sauce were lovely mainly thanks to the perfect roasting time.


7.360 kl -roasted lamb with garlic sauce


Since this is a popular spot for international and local tourists, they make it a point to serve some of our favourite local delights like the Murtabak and Roti. And speaking of local flavours, one would be delighted to see the Ikan Masak Lemak Cili Padi, Ikan Bakar (grill fish) as well as some local varieties of Kuih Goreng.


9.360 kl -ikan masak lemak cili padi
10.360 kl-ikan bakar (grill fish)
11.360 kl-fried mushroom, samosa,deep fried spring roll


The international dishes comprise of nothing too fancy, but some decent range of Pasta choices with very few varieties of Sushi and a wide selection of Salad choices.


12.360 kl -assorted salad (5)
13.360 kl -assorted salad
15.360 kl -sushi


Desserts comprises of bite sized cakes, jellies, puddings and local thong shui. It was nothing too impressive when it comes to the dessert range but it certainly puts a smile across younger kids and most likely some sweet lovers.


16.360 kl-dessert (3)
18.360 kl -pulut hitam


Wine and beverages are served ala carte and the staffs were all impressively well trained professionally and very polite. The drinks are not included in the pricing for buffet meal and the prices on their beverage menu were not quit too economical.




Designed in such of futuristic space in a rotating platform for all 360 degree of Kuala Lumpur, The Atmosphere 360 also serve dinner, tea and ala carte meals. With a full glass panel the lighting inside the restaurant is great during day time, and I bet the view at dusk or night would be a different experience.


20.360 kl (47)
21.360 kl (62)


The restaurant atmosphere is located at the KL tower at:


TH-02, Menara Kuala Lumpur,
No.2, Jalan Punchak Off Jalan P. Ramlee
50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone +603 2020 2121 / 2020


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9 Replies to “Sky dinning @ Atmosphere 360 KL

  1. The Yum List

    I first visited this restaurant about 16 years ago. I loved the views but was unimpressed with the food. I haven’t been back since. It’s amazing how one poor experience can change your perspective for a long time. I’ll have to reconsider however after reading your post. 😉

    • sycookies

      It was not fantastic but food alone for sure would not get most people to revisit. At least I wouldn’t return anytime soon. But I’m guessing they must have improved since 16 years ago.
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