Ideal breakfast usually comprises of good assortments of meats, eggs, fruits, vegetables and some breads but the real draw was the amazing quality which granted exquisite to this wholesome range of breakfast and brunch at the BreadFruits café. Creating a common ground for breakfast and brunch lover, dishes here offers a palate and sensory immersion while offering nutrient and vitamins at their best.


12.breadfruit (7)


Breadfruits sell fresh fruits while serving nourishing breakfast and brunch on top of a good range of healthy juices, which sits well with the relaxing and comfy atmosphere. It is perfectly a fantastic place to kick start the weekend let alone regular days.


13 bf


One of the many beautiful breakfast choices is the big breakfast with toast, pork sausage/ bacon, scrambled egg/sunny side up, sautéed mushroom, roasted cherry tomato, mashed potato, and generous load of arugula with coffee or tea and juice of the day.


1.breadfruit -SatisFry Up RM 22.80 (3)


Serving at RM 22.80, Satisfry Up was definitely one that leads to satisfaction for sure and what segregates them from the usual big breakfast platter would be the good and generous use of premium ingredients.




Speaking of premium, they take pride in their beans so we get gourmet beans with preserved whole nutrient and original taste of some of those navy beans. Instead of canned bean, these white cannellini beans are soaked, steamed and baked freshly on a daily basis.


3.fruitbaskets-Wholesome Spanish Bake beansRM 16.80 (12)


Wholesome Spanish Bake beans (RM 16.80) comes with pork bacon, loaded with arugula and served with toasted ciabatta. Runny yolk mix with the beans was fascinating with a tremendous addition of smoothness in texture.


4.fruitbaskets-Wholesome Spanish Bake beansRM 16.80 (5)
5.fruitbaskets-Wholesome Spanish Bake beansRM 16.80_


The bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich here serves with a twist of my favourite avocado. BLT Avocado Guacamole (RM 16.80) is the breakthrough of classic BLT with added wholesome raw food (avocado guacamole). Sandwiching pork bacon, lettuce, tomato, egg guacamole with toasted ciabatta, I absolutely love the addition of the accompanied salad.


6.fruitbaskets - BLT Avocado Guacamole RM 16.80 (14)_


While the salad contributes moist to the otherwise dry sandwich, it was at the same time pleasant to have some potato to it.


7.fruitbaskets - BLT Avocado Guacamole RM 16.80


Serving sourdough slice on their Smoked Salmon Breakfast Platter (RM 24.80) is very much worthy of appraisement. Contributing mild sourish taste from lactic acid, it matches well with scrambled egg. Also on the platter were smoked salmon slices, cherry tomato salad arugula, and my favourite avocado. Enhance the taste of everything with lemon and I assure you this serving was perfectly light yet sufficient.


8. salmon platter


Yellow Mellow Cheese Omelette (RM17.80) was another satisfying serving of smooth and soft omelette draping incredible serving of pork bacon and fresh mushroom with arugula and sourdough and butter on the slice of bread.


9.BreadFruits-Yellow Mellow Cheese Omelette 17.80 (1)
10.BreadFruits-Yellow Mellow Cheese Omelette 17.80 (6)


If breakfast is not your kind of meal, they serve a good range of pasta that is superbly perfect at anytime of the day. Lemony Rosemary Salmon Pasta (RM 17.80) would spoil us with the generous portion. I though the salmon was slightly overcooked when I had it and I was looking forward to juicier fillet of salmon. Pasta very well coated and sprout broccoli granted texture while caper further enhances the flavour.


11.breadfruit -Lemony Rosemary Salmon Pasta RM 17.80 (2)


The beverages sell at reasonable prices with the freshest and best quality of ingredients to offer. Picking the fresh selection of fruits, juices are prepared and if fruits are excellent to perk up the day, there are always caffeine choices.




Some breakfast platter comes with choices of coffee or tea and juice of the day. If not, they serve a fine mix of caffeine boast. The juices and caffeinated hot or iced beverage priced averagely between RM6- RM9.


beverages (2)
beverages (1)


Light choices of pastry can be another option if you need something light.


16.breadfruit (23)
17.breadfruit (27)
18.breadfruit (24)


The BreadFruits is a great place for meals at anytime and on top of the scores of choices and varieties, good use of top and fresh ingredients is their forte. The BreadFruits is located at:


17, Jalan 26/70A
Desa Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +6 03 6201 0090
Opening Hours: Daily, 8:30am-9pm
GPS: 3.161974, 101.649334


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