Fuse of many elements possible into cleverly crafted fusion Japanese dishes, the Yuu-jo bent the rules and serves the regular Japanese dishes with a twist of bold and creativity. Having a Japanese chef imported from Singapore, every dish is different than the usual with a little spike of excitement waiting to be unleashed. Tucked at the Kiara Designer Suites in Mont Kiara, local patrons are blessed with decent Euro-Japanese dishes at a very sensible pricing. With very simple interior and pendant bulbs, the lightings ensure tranquility when dining in the contemporary rustic setting.


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Serving Japanese Carpaccio as today’s starters, Salmon Carpaccio (Rm 14.80) was at a glorious thickness and promises great joy when the slices of matching flavourful radish contributes to some crunch when eating them together. With very tiny bit of slime from okra on top of beautifying the dish itself, contributes to the texture.


3.yuu-jo -Salmon Carpaccio (2)_


Gyu Tataki spoiled us with slices of beef and roaming the palate was the aroma of faint fire burnt edges that lingers along with vinegar. Mushrooms and shredded carrot and cucumber present a different texture to this combination.


4.yuu-jo -Gyu Tataki_


The Seafood Tempura (Rm 11.80) was lovely with assorted seafood and my very favourite Ooba leaf (Shiso Leaf). For those who are not familiar with this leaf, Koreans use them a lot and it has a combination of basil and a tinge of cilantro. Novice might find it hard to accept the flavour. But I absolutely love the serving of this.


5.yuu-jo Seafood Tempura


Tori Nanban appeared dull on the plate but upon tasting it, might just blown the palate with extraordinary sensation. I’ve always thought that awesomeness out of the simplest dish is the most difficult accomplishment. And apart from being ordinarily plated, the chicken was amazing as a dish for communal eating. Light coat of crispy on the outside and lusciously moist and tender inside ultimately made this irresistible.


6. yuu-jo


Also great on the ala carte menu is a range of dishes with a fusion touch to authentic Japanese dishes with reasonable pricing and decent serving portions most suitable to solo dinners. The Niku Curry Rice serves in a glorious potion with beef, and Japanese curry with a good balance of texture and moist in general.


7.yuu-jo-Niku Curry Rice (1)


Then there is the Neba Neba Cold Udon (RM 16.80) which would be nothing between love and hate. Either you love it, or you don’t. It was my first attempt and I must admit to be intrigued with the unique blend of ingredients with distinct flavour and texture. Presented beautifully with a good mix of colours, it obviously appeals and stands out from the rest.


9. neba neba stir


The mix of chewy udon to balance with Japanese fermented soybean, yam, pickled cucumber, egg and okra was something new to me. Eventually, the texture of cold and slimy matches one another and the swimming udon in the slim was definitely smoother than any udon I have ever tasted for sure.


yuu-jo-neba2 cold udon
12.yuu-jo (40)


And upcoming on the menu is the Seafood Risotto which tasted a lot like Japanese sushi rice mix with assorted mix of seafood. There were some egg, crab stick and edamame but the pull factor was the ebiko which brings the texture of vinegar rice to a different level. I enjoyed it despite having no resemblance to risotto at all.


10.yuu-jo -seafood sushi rice (1)


In case if one is not up for rice, there is the Salmon Plate (RM 20.80) with a fresh plump sized salmon, with garlic slices for the fragrant and aroma as well as some seasonal vege and udon fries. Yes, udon fries. Brilliantly replacing usual fries with deep fried tempura batter coated udon noodle got everyone on the table impressed with the atypical experience.


11.yuu-jo -Salmon Plate (2)


Add on the Wasabi Beef (RM 20.80) for communal eating if dining in group. Wasabi flavour gave a mellow tinge of excitement without overpowering the flavour of steak with a light touch of aroma from deep dried garlic and sprinkled spring onion on teriyaki sauce.


13.yuu-jo-Wasabi Beef_


Generously served by owner of Yuu-jo to wrap up this lovely fusion meal, the chef gave us the Tempura Banana with ice cream. It was apparent that fusion inspiration is confidently their forte but I’d like more effort in the ice cream and its toppings. Having said that, the tempura banana was great with crisp texture on the outside and soft and sweet banana on the inside.




The general quality, serving portion and pricing for the Yuu-jo at this particular neighborhood was amazingly rewarding for local patron. The beverage choices were decent and Green teas served at RM 1.50 per cup and although I wouldn’t request for Hohin or Yunomi set (handcrafted tea set) I’d prefer my hot tea not served in melamine cups. Restaurant is visible from by the roadside right next to the 7-eleven. Note that parking is rather confusing for first timer and be Rm2 parking charge is to be paid upon exiting at the exit itself. (Prepare exact change)


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The Yuu-jo Japanese Fusion Restaurant is located at:
B1-B3, Kiara Designer Suites (next to Garden International School)
No 18, Jalan Kiara 3
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 03-6206 5273
GPS: 3.168275,101.648831
Close every Mondays (except public holidays)
Website: http://yuu-jo.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YuuJoMalaysia


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