The appearance of popular Japanese animation, Doraemon is more than overwhelming to many of us and being the first in the South East Asia to host the 100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo, this certainly adds more joy to kick start the visit Malaysia 2014. Supported by the ministry of tourism, this mega expo certainly attracted fans from neighboring countries and from all over the world. Being able to connect, interact and see people from all over the place at one particular event to share the same passion is an experience a fan would cherish forever.




Myself is quite a fan and if you are friends with my on facebook, you would probably already know how irresistibly excited I was over this expo. Charging at RM 25 (adult) and RM 15 (children), it wasn’t exactly expensive especially when one is a fan of this comic character. The entire expo focuses mainly on the exhibition of Doraemon gadgets where visitors get to see figurines of Doraemon with the gadgets we are all familiar with. To be able to see how the organizers recreate and bring visual to life with the help of familiar background from in the comic was a fantastic experience.




Fans can enjoy taking photos with the iconic gadgets but are not allowed to touch them. Here at this expo, one can witness the birth of doraemon, visit the comic area, and let the imaginations run wild into the world of doraemon.




Inside the expo, there are a section for game booths, some arcade machines with doraemon plush toys, merchandises for sale and a cafeteria for some quick and simple snack.


The only main serving is the pasta which I don’t recommend, but everything else that is sweet is still somewhat decent and acceptable.




There were lots of ready packed food, hot and cold pancake etc. and hot drinks. The prices range averagely at about RM 20-25 per person.




This weekend is the last for them to be here in Malaysia so make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to visit this expo.



Follow Doraemon on Malaysia’s official website at :
Or visit the official expo homepage at:
Ticketing Hotline: 03-27214925


Here is a tip for fans of doraemon, the guy himself is making an appearance tomorrow so make sure you catch him. Also don’t forget to come say hi if you see me there.




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