Sushi usually boast most Japanese restaurants and chains with assortment, such that visitors interested in eating varieties of sushi feel like they’re kids in a candy store, not even knowing where to begin. To whet the palate, one would normally visit those with a conveyor belt. That way, you get a lot more satisfaction selecting your own plates of sushi. Looking at the many varieties on the belt, eating with eye first would mean having fresh and good looking sushi to be real helpful when it comes to helping the customers with their decisions.


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The gastronomic adventure normally starts with endless parade of assortment and usually end up burning a hole at the pocket. The good news for patrons in Subang, Sushi flash is selling at good prices of RM 3 max per plate of sushi. That’s a pretty decent price for sushi but at the same time note that you do get what you paid for. Nigiri, maki, gunkan, handroll, and sashimi, they pretty much have most of it.


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The ingredients are fresh so that’s one of the important key to amazing sushi. Just make sure you remember to order your sushi from the kitchen instead of picking them from the conveyor belt.Salmon slices are all selling at RM 3 per plate so feel free to eat like a boss so as what’s offered in their tag line.


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Keeping the menu simple, the choices are not too sophisticated and at the same time, bento sets are also available and generously serving a decent portion. Absolutely sufficient for quick solo meal and this I must say is perfect for lunch since it is strategically located at this area with a high density of students.


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Even if it weren’t for main meals, a quick flash of selection deep fried choices makes great snacks for in between meals. Salmon skin was pretty awesome, and feel free to order a RM 2 shishamo plate if you are a fan of these pregnant fish.


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Chawanmushi was real comforting especially served hot. The smooth texture was terrific as starters or when dining with younger children. Also a popular dish for kids would be the edamame which was decent.


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Building a tower plate is easy here at the sushi flash. Price is superb so this is when everyone can eat like a boss here at the sushi flash.


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The shop takes over layout of previous tenant and accommodating big crowd is a challenge. The serving was decent and the choices of sushi range from classic perfection to fancy nibbles, and everything in between at affordable prices of RM 2/3 per plate.


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The sushi flash is located at SS 15 (same row as Mcdonalds):
66, Jalan SS15/4D, SS15, Subang Jaya
47500 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
GPS: 3.073760, 101.589897


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