Classics are ultimately the best way to savour Japanese cuisine. This month, Utara Coffee House showcases a comforting array of Japanese dishes skillfully crafted and presented by their very own Japanese skilled chef who has over 10 years of experience preparing Japanese cuisine. The ala carte menu promises something for everyone and showcases a good range of seafood and poultry.


Serving premium and fresh ingredients, there is the Gindara Misoyaki (Rm 28++). A succulent cod fish marinated in miso paste and grilled to the perfect texture with amazing flavour. Using slight miso to marinate and grilling with Salamander, this broiler utilises steam from water bath to help retain the moist in the fish and at the same time ensuring this to be oil free, while preserving the taste of fish.


1.armada simply japanese -Gindara Misoyaki (1)


And treating seafood lovers, the Namagaki Moriawase (Rm 22++) offers 3 flavours of fresh baked oysters on the half shell and drizzled with sauce on top. I tried the Monoshi (mayonnaise based sauce with fish roe) and absolutely love the freshness of the oyster. Plus the enhancement of flavours from lemon, this one makes a good sharing plate when dining in a group.


2.armada simply japanese (22)


Japanese classics always involve the teriyaki and here; classic comfort food is elevated and served with tasty presentation. The Kijidon Donburi (Rm 26++) comes in a generous bowl of rice topped with luscious chicken teriyaki and pickle. Each rice grain is evenly distributed in the bowl with flavour contrast from the teriyaki sauce. Using only deboned chicken thigh, it is grilled on the skin for the extra crisp texture and then sliced before coating it with chef’s teriyaki sauce.


3.armada simply japanese-Kijidon Domburi


The very memorable dish of the day has got to be the Maguro Tempura (Rm 25++). It was breathtaking for one who is not too fond of tuna to begin with. This deep fried tuna with basil and layer teriyaki sauce was beyond mesmerizing when I had it. The perfect timing applied to not overcook when frying to retain the moist and juice in every bite is almost hypnotic and definitely impressive.


4.armada simply japanese-Maguro Tempura (3)


Fan of sushi roll can be enjoy one with seafood and unagi sauce. Seafood Maki Roll (Rm 24++) has got great texture with a well balanced of moist intensity from the mayonnaise drizzle and ebiko toppings. This one was a good serving in portion but was rather ordinary and underwhelming.


5.armada simply japanese -Seafood Maki Roll (2)


Seirogohan Zen (Rm 26++) might have sounded sophisticated but once again, is a classic favourite meticulously executed to maximize both the visual impact as well as complimentary flavours. We have salmon as main dish and served with fried rice. Once again, the experience chef managed a good texture of salmon while retaining its moist.


6.armada simply japanese -Seirogohan Zen


For something more solid in texture, Shogayaki (Rm 26++) serves fried beef with ginger sauce and steamed rice. Using New Zealand’s sirloin and stir fried to tender and delicious thin slices of beef that is perfect to accompany steamed rice.


7.armada simply japanese -Shogayaki (1)


Simply Japanese is serving from 1st May 2014- 30 June 2014 at the Armada Hotel Petaling Jaya:


Armada Petaling jaya
Lot 6, lorong Utara c, section 52
46200 Petaling Jaya Selangor
Tel: 0379546888
Fax: 0379568088
GPS: 3.104347,101.640521


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