Sibling of Miraku and Komugi Bakery, Inaho is another expert when it comes to Japanese food. The other two is pioneer when it comes to Japanese fine dine and pastry but Inaho took a different approach when it comes to Japanese cuisine. Selling a divergence from what’s offered by its siblings, the Inaho appeal to shine with their array of skewers. There is a good range of Japanese skewers everyone can enjoy, ranging from poultry to innards and mushrooms to vegetables.


Assorted yakitori sells at average price of RM 3 – RM 4 per skewers. The okra, Sunagimo (chicken gizzard), Torimomo (chicken thigh) and liver range averagely within this price range and it would obviously be so much better if the chickens are somewhat fresher.


1.inaho -Sunagimo, Torimomo, liver (1)


Even though the signature is yakitori, Inaho offers good choices of Japanese dishes, with skewers denominating while the dizzying array of dishes are listed for your choice. There are sushi, don, soup, Japanese noodle, and not to mention dishes designed to be shared and set meals designed for solo meal. Sushi are prepared upon orders with fresh ingredients. kappa Maki and Aburi Salmon Roll sells at RM 4 and RM 22.


2.inaho-Kappa Maki RM 4 (1)
3.inaho-Aburi Salmon Roll  RM22 (1)
3.2 inaho-Aburi Salmon Roll  RM22


Dishes range fairly from classic Japanese to contemporary creations with decent pricing. Misoshiru (RM 3) was flavourful and is the perfect as appetizer and is an absolute good choice for family with kids.


4.inaho -Misoshiru RM 3


Malaysians love salmon when it comes to Japanese cuisine. The Salmon Teriyaki was nicely grilled but that didn’t beat the Sakae Misoshiru (RM10). The later offers big chunks of salmon head pieces with lots of collagen and served with fresh onion.


5.inaho -Salmon ShioyakiTeriyaki RM 20 (2)
6.inaho -Sakae Misoshiru RM 10 (1)


Inaho serves decently and very suitable for family to dine in. A lot of the dishes are very suitable for communal eating. Inaho is located at:


G41A Ground Floor,
The Curve Mutiara Damansara,
No.6 Jln PJU 7/3,
478100 Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7725 5530
GPS: 3.157463,101.611335


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