With most ingredients to be imported from Japan, Santouka is almost as authentic as they come while they strictly maintain the exact cooking standards as any other Ramen Santouka restaurants around the world. Their slurpy ramen in milky pearl colour tonkatsu soup is a bowl of goodness on top of their signature toppings. Restaurant is decorated in such where calm and chic comes together and dining was indeed a pleasure.


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Classic toppings like the Cha-shu (pork belly) comes with a good balance of meat and fatty portions. Others like the bamboo shot and jelly ear contributed some light crunchy to the texture and of course there were no extra seasoning to keep the consistency of the flavour. Finishing the toppings on this signatureShio Ramen (Rm 31) is a Japanese pickled plum. This mild and creamy soup ramen is the only ramen topped with the pickled plum. It was lightly sourish and crunchy in texture and certainly boasts the appetiser of this one.


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The Miso Ramen (Rm 26) showcases their noodle with soup made from a mixture of pork broth and hearty miso paste. Traditional to its core, bamboo shots and fungus completes the bowl of goodness.


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Aburi Tokusen Toroniku (Rm 17) is the house Roasted Premium Pork Cheek; the most delectable Char-siu pork made from the “rarest of the rare” pork cheeks. Served elegantly on individual concrete griller, with actual fact to mildly heat the pork slices instead of actually grilling them.


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Forget about grilling them and they serve Tokusen Toroniku (Rm 15) beautifully and perfectly for communal eating. These premium slices were chewy and lightly fragrant with the sprinkled sesame seeds on top.


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While the classic ramen is a joy to enjoy, made with a simple soup that could be savored to the last, the Pork Gyoza (Rm 12) serves as a good sharing platter or appetiser. It was flavourful, alas wasn’t juicy enough to impress a finickle eater.


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Tori Karaage (Rm 12) is a must order and goes too perfect with their homemade mayonnaise. Each bite is flavourfully juicy and moist and tenderly delicious. And with a squeeze of lemon wedge, it just went from great to amazing.


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Of course Japanese dessert to end the meal and like any other Ramen restaurants, Japanese ice cream is a common item to offer as a sweet treat.




Santouka sells very decent ramen with good pork broth that is mildly flavourful and I’m glad that the ramen didn’t have to sink beneath a layer of oil given the pork slices in the bowls. And serving lean pork cheek slices would appeal to the health conscious crowd. Thanks food malaysia for the review and Santouka Ramen is located at:


Lot 6.24.03 Level 6 Pavilion KL,
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 03-2143 8878
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RamenSantoukaMalaysia


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