From home cooking to the dishes found both on and away from the streets of Vietnam, Kafe Vietnam in Puchong is the place to bring your taste bud to a very lively trip, crossing the country border to the country where cultural heritage is boldly infused in their culinary, an authentic Vietnam flavour. The restaurant may not look posh but the menu range certainly is extravagant in varieties.


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This new Vietnamese café has caught the attention of many devout lovers of Vietnam cuisine. Impressively on the menu are both the usual ones we are all familiar with and those of which that we are not familiar with. Bahn mi, banh pho, hu tieu, mi quang, goi cuon, and the list goes on and on but fear not as there are English descriptions on the menu so ordering wouldn’t take too long. Starting with Nem Nuong (RM 6.90), this soft vermicelli roll served with matching dipping sauce was refreshing and delicious.


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Hearty eaters would be amply satisfied and happy with Bun Moc (RM14.90) as the hefty portion includes lots of ham, pork rib and minced pork ball in clear soup bee hoon.


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Served along this huge bowl of delicious noodle is a basket of leaves and beans sprout that blends in beautifully with the mellow sweetness from the soup and the meats.


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The full glory of selection was not within sights for quick lunch but solo dinners would be happy to know that meals are reasonably priced. Com Thit Kho Trung (RM 13.90) comes with rice and the stewed pork and egg serves good for pork lovers who adores that good layer of assimilated fat and lean meat.


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Com Tom Ba Roi (RM 15.90) is slightly more flavourful for a simple dish with simple combination of prawn and pork. Slightly tangy, the flavour perks the palate and is fantastically also served with white rice.


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The thing about the dishes here at the Kafe Vietnam is that they all have flavours naturally infused with choices of ingredients instead of the conventional preserved seasoning. Because every dish is pleasantly bracing and not relenting, one would really enjoy teasing their palate. Canh kho qua (RM 6.90) appeared ordinarily conventional but was refreshingly delectable. Mellow bitterness loitering natural sweetness in this one was amazing.


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Kafe Vietnam takes pride in their Vietnam coffee and coffee lovers will do well with wither their hot or cold drip coffee. House blend presents a fantastic mix of beans including a 20% civet cat and is easily one of the best Vietnam drips I’ve ever tasted. Joys of discovering best food in town.


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If not a fan of coffee, there is a good range of juices and house recipes, with intriguing list of choices. Lemongrass tea (RM 6.90) cleans the palate with not only tea but the nice after taste and aroma of lemongrass that lingers.


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When I say authentic, I mean the real Viet flavour. Even the fruits are served with powdered salt chilli, bot muoi ot (I’m not sure if I got the name correctly) which has that delicate tang and heat that sparked up the watermelon nicely.


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And if that cup of drip is not enough yet, the amazing coffee is for sale on the rack along with few other Vietnam consumer goods.


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The Vietnamese classics are obviously there for those who value authentic flavours. And while parking is quite a breeze, this cafe is not hard to spot; just look for the mannequin blue ao dai.


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Kafe Vietnam is located at :
1, Jalan Puteri 4/1,
Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
Tel: 012-301 5928
GPS: 3.022937,101.614919
Opening Hours : closed on selective Wednesdays and Thursdays every two weeks. (refer Fb page or call to check for availability)


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