Having barbeque at home can sometimes be rather tricky and messy but we can now enjoy Japanese BBQ at Hamasho in Hartamas. This latest addition to the many Japanese eateries gives a different dining experience with their plank and woody interior.


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The main attraction here is the barbecue grill nicely prep and cooked by their staff and properly served on a plate when it is done. Ikapoppo (RM 20) is probably the star here and when correctly grilled to the perfect texture, is amazingly addictive.


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These squid was very fresh and nicely grilled with a perfect timing for a good texture on top of the juicy sweetness. Perfect to go with beer.


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The scene stealer may not be the ordinary looking wrap of aluminum foil but these Kinoko Butter (RM 12) was one of the best butter mushroom grill I’ve ever tasted. It was superbly fresh with a good chew of texture and complimented by the sweet juice from the mushroom and smoothness of butter, and becomes a heavenly delight. Highly recommended.


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They ran out of salmon on an early evening but settling with Yakisaba (RM 15) proves once again that nothing ventured, nothing gained. Cooked meticulously to the right timing, flakes of saba was great, especially with that extra squeeze of zest on top.


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Hamasho is a place where diners put their palate closer to authentic Japanese food. Apart from the usual thing we normally see in most Japanese restaurants, we will find what’s not available at most Japanese eateries if not something exotic.Ochazuke (Mentaiko)(RM 18) is a delightful item not commonly serve in a lot of Japanese restaurants. Nice burnt aroma from the cod fish roe nicely spreading to the refreshing and mellow green tea soup to lightly bring taste to rice.


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And speak of rice; the popular rice ball is presented in few varieties. Yaki Onigiri (RM 18) has that lovely outer crust that gives the crispy and later the chewy texture that’s not only pleasant and enjoyable, but really filling at the same time.




Add on dishes can vary but have something light when dining in a group but Agedashi Tofu (RM 15) lack that crispy outer layer hence putting the price slightly unjustifiable.


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Still that tofu price did not beat their Green Tea (RM 5) when it comes to being ridiculous. So I wouldn’t recommend this free flow drink instead, look into their alcohol range. After all, BBQ and alcohol plus good companies make a fantastic equation. Tiny but neat, with welcoming façade, and comparing to the famous Faber Plaza Japanese BBQ, this certainly is a great addition yet a different experience in general.




Hamasho Japanese Restaurant is located at:
42, Jalan 27/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6206-1127
Opening Hours: Tuesday –Saturday (6pm-2am)
GPS: 3.162840, 101.649762
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hamasho.my


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