Lovely and beautifully located at the Bangsar South, the Thirdwave should be the next perfect spot especially for that lazy Sunday brunch session. The neat and spacious façade welcomes food enthusiast and that ample parking spaces is inevitably that fantastic plus point.


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Poached Eggs (RM 22) are served complimented with toasted salami, crispy grilled polenta, and house made tomato and French rose sauce. With the yolk perfectly cooked and egg whites soft and moist, draping the rocket leaves and combined with the sauce was beautiful combination. These 63 Celsius slow poached eggs is a must order.


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For those who want to eat green, Rabbit Breaky (RM 17) serves a good mix of sautéed spinach with raisins & pine nuts, roasted potatoes, mushrooms, and baked beans.


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Glorious Mushroom (RM 26) presents a roasted Portobello mushroom stuffed with potato cubes, spinach, topped with melted mozzarella cheese, and topped with sunny side up egg.


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With breakfast menu getting more and more popular in town, Thirdwave boldly include the Retro Scotch Egg (RM 26) on the menu and despite the colourful plating from the bed of cauliflower bed and sprouts, and the contrast red of beet and carrot, the crisp golden orb of beauty still reign on the plate.


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Sandwiches are fresh and creative, nothing like what’s commonly served but subjected to individual palate and liking. Think melted cheese and anchovies, with capers. I think you have an idea of what I meant.


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Coffee was up to expectations, and note that brew coffee is available at very reasonable average price of RM 10 while the other range comprises of juice and tea with some pretty fancy items like the Kopi Kola (RM 8) could be something interesting for non coffee drinkers. Coffee lovers should know that their coffee was impressive but did not imprint a lasting memory to haul any crave.


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Desserts are superb and innovative (I have been eyeing on the papaya cheese cake since forever and they are always out of it whenever I visit) with the popular waffle circulating on social media, and their lovely cakes.


12.thirdwave nexus south


The good list of menu should be complimented with its counterpart to make this the perfect place to dine. Ambiance is fantastic, with a good space and a fairly good match tables to accommodate different amount of crowds and occasions.


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Last photo credit to: KC Wong


Thirdwave is located at:
1-11, Level 1, Nexus, Bangsar South,
Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hours: Mon – Fri: 10:00 – 22:00 , Sat – Sun: 09:30 – 22:00


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  1. Poh Huai Bin

    The Scotch egg looks particularly inviting! 🙂
    Actually, everything on the menu that your ordered looks good! Too bad I didn’t see this place or I would have eaten there. I’ve been to Nexus @ Bangsar South *TWICE* in the past week (one was a convention at the top floor Connexion and the other was an event held at Souled Out @ Nexus, Bangsar South).
    This looks way better, would definitely drop by when I go to Bangsar South next!

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