The daily fix in Melaka may not actually represent accurately for caffeine but it surely is a good place for coffee and a quick break with some light bites of popular local flavour. It was located very much inside, almost hidden and unseen from outside (since most heritage buildings here has a narrow facade) abide the front looking like every other souvenir shops here in the popular tourist spot; the Jonker Street. Also a popular spot for instagramers, this place attracts both the locals and the tourists with their cosy ambiance and their vintage collections.


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One of the many instagram worthy spot (in my opinion) has got to be this corner with plates of different sizes and colours on the wall and natural lighting from the open air courtyard in the middle of the house.


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This historical city centre has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 7 July 2008, and now, most shops sells souvenirs and antiques and this on; like the rest also sells many souvenirs. There ought to be something for everyone.


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The simple food is delectable yet light and a decent introduction to the local flavours. Although not the best pancake but is a choice for the locals whenever that sudden crave for pancake hits you. As for the tourists, the ambiance and decor is the great pull factor on top of their featured pancakes with popular local ingredients. Pandan and Gula Melaka Pancakes (RM 9.90) are available daily, Durian Pancake is only served on weekends.


Also available are sandwiches, and mueslis serving as all day breakfast and being a fan of Spinach Quiche (RM 10.90) this one manages to pull off with good flavour if not a good texture but was obviously not a memorable one.


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Adding to the hype of coffee, a coffee bar gives visitor a range of coffee at price starting at RM 4. The current barista, Yen Ching is one of the few good ones in Melaka city so expect better coffee when she is on duty.


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Cafe latte and Flat White (RM 8 each) presented with simple free pouring art never fails to charm their visitors at anytime of the day. There are local kopi, the refreshers, fresh juices, soda and beer, making this a good stop while venturing the Jonker Street.


14.the daily fix cafe @ melaka (33)


While getting your daily fix of caffeine, don’t forget to take some time and admire what’s displayed at every nook of this cafe. A compulsory to stop by whenever visiting this beautiful heritage city if you like antiques and vintage layout that is adorned with many greens and potted plants surrounding it.


16.daily fix
18. daily fix


The daily fix is located at:
55, Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Street)
Business hour: 10am-5:30pm daily (Close on Tuesdays)
Tel: 06-283 4858
GPS: 2.196338,102.24696


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