The Manhattan fish market is no longer foreign to most Malaysian. Serving the locals with inspiration from reputable Fulton fish market which was once located below the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, dining get to enjoy a wide variety of lip-smacking American style seafood, it a fun and casual dining experience. Some lobsters and scallops to ocean perch, the Manhattan fish market offers the wide array of seafood options. And we get that 5 signature cooking style; fried, baked, poached, grilled, and flamed along with the newly launched menu.


With a touch of Mediterranean flavour which easily ensembled and recognized by the local palate, get ready for lots of spiciness and many flavours from the use of various herbs and spices to elevate the dining experience bound to be excited. Starting with a good game of Oyster Roulette (RM 14.90), one out of four poached oyster shooters comes with an extra shot if spiciness. So it’s going to be eenie meenie miney mo for that extra heat.


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The mains focuses on stronger flavours of the Mediterranean. The Volcano Island (RM 57.90) is the island of spicy jewels. Dive into the juicy seafood in Murray curry, fried scallops, poached spicy dory nuggets, volcano mussels and accompanied by crispy baguette to soak up those flavourful sauce; all these on a bed of garlic herb rice.


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The sharing platters are probably the memorable ones when it comes to communal eating. Their Fried Giant (RM 57.90) is like striking gold with crunchy prawns, crispy fish fingers, cherry snapper fillets, battered onion strips and calamari coated with crushed peanuts, alongside with dipping sauces of your choice- cajun honey mustard, smoky chipotle, tartar and onion glory dip. These trawler-sized portions are strictly for sharing if you ask me.


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Every now and then, you tell yourself it is alright to have some fun food. Not only is the name fun, the new Fishy Chicky Bang Bang (RM 20.90) also looks fun. It is a chicken and fish fillet sandwich and held together by the cheddar cheese and match with sunny side up nestled on a fried spaghetti basket and served adjacent with fries and salad. I thought it could use more cheddar in this one but was nonetheless and fun serving.


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Go for the Flaming Cheesy Baked Rice (RM 20. 90) if you can’t get enough of those cheddar. This one is served with fish on a bed of those amazing rice, and baked with foil hence preserving the flavours in that single wrapping. And as the name suggested, watch the crew flamed them at your table before serving.


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Another good option for solo diners is their Coastal Baked Seafood (RM 21.50), with an assortment of seafood with dory, calamari, and juicy scallops baked in savory marinade, served with those soft and fluffy garlic herb rice and side veggies. This is for sure a good ala carte for the solo diners, something that is wholesome and delicious as well as a healthier choice for those health freaks.


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Those amazing harvest from the sea are great for the seafood lovers. Finish the fantastic satisfaction with their desserts. There is the Super Fruit Crumble (RM 8.90) and Strawberry Flamin Go (RM 8.90) for those who like that tangy in dessert and Sizzling Banana Fritters with Ice Cream (RM 12.90) if you like that sizzling sensation from the hot plate. It is uncanny to match ice cream with banana poured over by coconut milk but as you sink into it, it was somewhat acceptable.


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The new menu is very fine tuned to the local palate, with rich flavours of Mediterranean in amazing options and choices of serving portions. Great place for a big group of diners and absolutely family friendly. Manhattan Fish Market has many outlets so refer to the website for the nearest outlet and this review took place at :


Manhattan Fish Market Mid Valley Megamall
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
Mid Valley City, 58000 Kuala Lumpur


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