B-Lab at the Verve suite fuses a strong conscious awareness with creative initiative and trendy design, highlighting laboratory and experimental elements, drawing much attention from diners with scientific background to be incarcerated with those pretty inspirations relating to chemistry formulas and equation on the wall.


The restaurant allows welcoming and positive atmosphere with semi open kitchen, making it easier to enjoy their freshly baked bread and pastries. Having said that, B-lab also boasts a sustainably focused menu, and with ample choices of good range of salads, pastas, pizzas and mains, thus making this a good place for comforting meal.


B-Lab is a relatively new eatery located at the rather indefinite but rising site of Mont Kiara. The eating experience is offset by the chic and elegant décor and contemporary elements scattered around the space.


Have your self greeted by energetic staffs when dining in and be served even more like royalties if you happened to be an expatriate. Don’t get me wrong, there is no discrimination for Malaysians here but services aren’t as warm and enthusiastic as compared to expatriates.


So with good ambiance and fantastic space, food definitely warrant revisits but photos shall remain withheld. ( They stopped me when taking photos so I’m assuming it to be extremely precious. It is a pity they restrict photography. But I respect that, and hence this visually very boring post).




Consequently no photos, instead only words to share a few good dishes we’ve tried. Smoked Duck Salad (RM 22) was being treated meticulously and presented with a fantastic combination of smoked duck slices and orange- perfect match made in heaven. The orange supreme with fresh greens complemented perfectly with the refreshing dressings. Alas rocket leaves were too little, this salad lack that pungent peppery addition to this salad.


Pressed Pork Belly (RM35) does appear heavy with a bed of gnocchi topped with the generous strip of pork belly with proportionate fat and lean for the perfect texture and intense tenderness alongside the best part of the pork; crispy skin. But ignoring the not so impressive flour beneath, it is a dish deserving a standing ovation.


Pancetta and Mushroom Ragout (RM27) alone on the other hand, was pleasant and delicious. Same with their Iberico and Peach Pizza (RM 32), and that wicked Deep Fried Goat Cheese (RM22) served at a sharing portion.


Apart from food, there is a good collection of wine and that elevates dining experience if you are looking forward to relax and enjoyable dining experience. Some imported drinks and coffee bar available and they sell very fantastic bread. I think the generosity showcasing the semi open kitchen deceptively misleads an ambiguous and baffling munificence since photography is prohibited. But then again, embracing the open kitchen could be been to serve some other purpose apart from for maximum transparency.


Parking is a breeze and is the perfect location to enjoy your meal.


B-lab is located at :
G-3A, Ground Floor, Verve Shops,
Jalan Kiara 5, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6206-1880
Close on Mondays
GPS: 3.167415,101.64637
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/B-LAB


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    • sycookies

      Ken, you have a banlist? Lol. Well I’m sure they have their own reasons. But instead of stopping me from photographing. I’d prefer them putting up a sign instead. Then I’ll save my battery and efforts.

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