Palsaik Korean BBQ (팔색삼겹살) at Solaris Mont Kiara certainly is impressive with its sociable atmosphere along friendly staffs, offering spacious dining space with everyone gathered over a hot plate on each table. The Solaris Mont Kiara is inevitably the exciting place for Korean food now that it boasts a vast array of Korean eateries, each with its own niche and personality. Mostly don’t stray far from the Korean all time favourite; BBQ.


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At Palsaik, the favourite and their signature 8 flavoured pork (RM112) will be at every dining table. Visitors come to savour 8 flavours in one dining experience. Palsaik Samgyeopsal serves fresh pork belly meat seasoned with eight kinds of special sauces (garlic, wine, ginseng, pine leaves, herbs, curry, soybean paste, and hot pepper paste) and all-you-can-eat fresh veggies.


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Presented on a long plank, this showcase does appear to look Imperial while each pork colours were labelled with its flavoured . Well illustrated to set them aside from the rest of the BBQ house with each colour representing a different flavour perfectly grilled by skillful staff, and nicely distributed accordingly to be savoured.


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Grilled on a slanted pan to segregate excess oil was a brilliant idea. Maintenance and cleanliness earns a thumbs up (there must be some other reasons apart from the delicious dishes for them to be successfully crowning at the top as one of the largest chain around Asia).


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Also included in the set, seafood soup would boil before your eyes right next to the BBQ hot plate. Fresh and delicious to savour with plenty of sea creatures, mainly clams and shells to charm the seafood lovers. That other thing you don’t normally see them appearing in pairs at most BBQ houses. Watch the broth boil into lovely seafood soup.


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Palsaik Korean BBQ Malaysia 팔색삼겹살 @ Solaris Mont Kiara (


Grilled spicy lanceolate (RM 30), also known as deodeok (더덕) gives you the goodness if not the satisfaction when eating it. For those unfamiliar with this, it merely taste like raddish but packed with health benefits most commonly compared to that of ginseng. Of course there are more on the menu apart from this few to be indulged but these sufficiently feed 3 of us, with some space left for a round two coffee and dessert.


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Palsaik Korean BBQ in Solaris Mont Kiara is located at:
J-01-09, SohoKL,
Jalan Solaris, Solaris Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Phone:03-6211 0383
GPS: 3.175086,101.6604


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