HAIG CLUB™ x Bangsar Babe® 8th anniversary party @ Le Meridien Hotel KL


From lifestyle and food in Malaysia to travelling around the world with footages of uprising trends, blogging has never been bigger in the Malaysian blog history. Sue Lynn’s influences speak as loudly online as off; the Bangsar babe celebrates the success of 8 years of blogging with her supporters, both readers and brand/business owners at the Le Meridien Hotel earlier this month with top class canapés menu and world class mixologist, putting this the event of the year.


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With 10,000,000 readers and 450,000 social media followers, this crowning achievement is well celebrated with team Bangsar Babe demanding nothing but quality, with the party hosted with cocktails and canapés flowing perpetually in the intimate party room. It turned out to be truly memorable night for every guest as while they enjoy canapé pairing and nodding in delight and approval when leaving the party.


2. #bb8anniversary
3. #bb8anniversary #haigclub


Team Bangsar Babe sure does know how to throw a quality party with unique cocktails flowing through the event. To make the party even more astounding, there were three Haig Club cocktails themes London, Miami and The Bangsar Babe to pair the specially crafted canapés and to honor this 8th year of blogging.


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Renowned for their belief of quality over quantity when it comes to savouring the fresh, clean and ultra smooth single grain Scoth Whisky, the HAIG CLUB™ x Bangsar Babe® 8th anniversary party is only pouring with nothing but the London recipe that embodies the versatility of the whisky that is able to pair with any canapés. With 3 unique cocktails by 3 mixologists personally handpicked by Sue Lynn herself, of which 2 of them hail from DIAGEO World Class 2015.


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6. #bb8anniversary #haigclub
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Photo source (Official Bangsar Babe) : from left to right- Osmund Bernard, Sue Lynn, and Joel John


Breakfast London here is crafted by Osmund Bernard (Diageo World Class Mixologist 2015 Finalist) and hails with a tasting note that appeals to most ladies thanks to the acerbic tangy from lemon juice nicely blending with marmalade, whisky and egg white.


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Photo source (Official Bangsar Babe): Breakfast London


Herb HAIG mixed by Joel John (Diageo World Class Mixologist 2015 Finalist) with whisky, green tea and thyme infused syrup, angostura bitters and lemon juice here has the aromatic from the fresh thyme garnish, not too sweet as the bitters balanced out the herb-like syrup, tangy from the lemon juice.


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Photo source (Official Bangsar Babe): Herb Haig


And lastly my favourite cocktail of the night and one that represents Sue Lynn perfectly with bitter sweet and fruity undertone plus a clean Haig Club finishing mixed by Shawn Chong (Diageo World Class Mixologist 2015 Winner – SEA). This interesting mix of Umeshu, Cacao white, sweet Vermouth and Haig Club perfectly represents the classy Bangsar Babe’s feminine and occasional dominance as well as the elegance personality.


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16. #8bbanniversary #haigclub


This party recruited nothing but professionalism and while it hovered up the traffic at that night with their hashtag #bb8aniversary, this celebration was a landmark moment in the evolution of blogging scene in Malaysia. The perpetual flow of canapé and cocktails showcases much generosity from our host and sponsors and the exclusively selected and handpicked guests definitely enjoyed the pairing very much.



Photo source (Official Bangsar Babe): Sue Lynn and Rif


At the canape galour, there is a collection of nibbles that looked so ridiculously impressive you just want to stare at it, exclusively curated by multi- award winning chef from France, Le Meridien’s Excutive Chef, Antoine Rodriguez.


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Best to pair with Breakfast London, Coddled egg with duck liver sauce, foie gras, mouillette with salted butter Egg has a custard-like texture with molten yolk centre, and the rich flavours from foie gras and umami from the liver sauce adds flavour and character to this breakfast inspired dish. And to go with the Herb Haig, the Hokkaido sea scallop with fine mash potato and citrus natural dressing– a great complement to the thyme notes of Herb Haig with the peppery notes of the greens also adding character to the sweet scallopsThen when it comes to my favourite, this is an all rounder dessert that is not overly sweet yet rich, with a fruity finish from the coulis that completes The Bangsar Babe cocktail. Here is the Amarena Sherbert, light cream of pistachio and almond milk, pear coulis and meringue.


11. Bangsar Babe's 8th Anniversary


The hype that got everyone excited for the night was when five lucky winners that went home each with a bottle of Haig Club, signed by David Beckham himself, three with a new Microsoft smartphone (yours truly included), another three with Panasonic home theatre system and an action camera (now probably documenting Bok from Taufulou.com ’s adventure).


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Photo source (Official Bangsar Babe): Lucky draw session

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Photo source (Official Bangsar Babe): Sue Lynn and Ah Bok


Plus all guests were the first to receive the newly launched Haig Club mini after the launch in the market just the night before. Thank you team Bangsar Babe and all sponsors of the evening and most importantly the hard work and dedication of Sue Lynn herself. The party was a success.


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From when bloggers operated in a spirit of underdog solidarity and when mainstream medias are the only convincing and influential platform to right when Bangsar Babe now prevails to prove that bloggers and social media personalities can thrive to built awareness and brand names in the society, this is a milestone worth cheering and celebrating.


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Congratulations SueLynn and team Bangsar Babe for such accomplishment. And most importantly, I am thankful to be a part of this celebration.


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