Sakae Sushi Malaysia welcomes the Chinese New Year 2016 this time, once again with a series of tantalising creation focused on their fresh ingredients with Japanese inspired take on the traditional Chinese symbolic dishes to celebrate this prosperous and auspicious occasion. Tossing to prosperity here at the Sakae is none other than the Sakae Sushi’s Fortune Salmon Yee Sang, masterfully crafted by their team of chefs with a variety of authentic Japanese ingredients such as jellyfish, Mekabu seaweed, Radish and most importantly the abundance of thick and luscious slices of fresh air flown salmon.


1. Sakae Sushi's 2016 CNY Menu


Available in 2 sizes; Success Yee Sang (RM 29.98) serves about 2-3pax, and Money Yee Sang (RM 56.98) serves 6-8 pax. And this healthier version promises fresher ingredients and flexibility to customise accordingly to personal preferences. Add on items include the salmon sashimi, seasoned scallop, jellyfish and mekabu seaweed.


2.Sakae Sushi's 2016 CNY Menu


When dining in a big group, know that you’d be very happy to know that there is a brand new Happiness Treasures Combo (RM 98) this year and it comprise both the Money Yee Sang and a delicious variety of mouth watering sushi selections .


4.Sakae Sushi's 2016 CNY Menu


Sushi set includes Sakae’s signature sushi favorites such as Hana Maki, California Hoso Maki, Salmon Sushi, Tamago Sushi, Soft Shell Crab Maki, Kani Salad Inari, Mini Ebi, Tempura sushi, Kappa Maki and Kani Maki. This party plate of assorted delight makes an ideal choice for festive gatherings.


3.Sakae Sushi's 2016 CNY Menu


Something a little more intense would be the Golden Abundance (RM 49.90) of 5 signature golden offerings (Soft Shell Crab, Mini Ebi Tempura, Itoyoridai Katsu, Fried Hotate and Tempura Kani) served with spicy mayonnaise.


5.Sakae Sushi's 2016 CNY Menu


Of course while feasting to such joyful festive there is abundance delightful dishes that is fantastic for this auspicious time of the year.


7..Sakae Sushi's 2016 CNY Menu

Nabemono – Salmon Kabuto Nabe (RM19.99)

8..Sakae Sushi's 2016 CNY Menu

Hotate Mentaiyaki (RM10.99 for 2pcs)

9..Sakae Sushi's 2016 CNY Menu

Salmon Mentaiyaki (18.99)

11..Sakae Sushi's 2016 CNY Menu

Salmon Cheese Roll (RM16.99)

10..Sakae Sushi's 2016 CNY Menu

Karinto Manjyu & Green Tea Ice Cream (RM11.99)


Apart from savouring unlimited options, Sakae Sushi rewards diners when minimum purchase of RM 80 is made. This prosperity giveaway includes their limited edition plush toys, free food vouchers and cash vouchers. Find out more about the prosperity giveaway and prosperity contest at their Facebook page.


6.Sakae Sushi's 2016 CNY Menu




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