Xenri Japanese fine dining has always been known for the quality and authenticity when it comes to sourcing their produce for their dishes. Celebrating 13 years of fresh Japanese signature dishes, Xenri at Old Klang Road is treating their patron with affordable Kaiseki Artistry menu – one that is immaculately presented with a surprise overwhelming serving size unlike the conventional Kaiseki portion. Indulge the meal as it is being served, stoically step back and allow the creation to speak for itself.


1.Xenri Japanese Fine Dining @ Old Klang Road


It starts with Aburi Hokkaido Mukimi Hotate, the first of the evening’s many highlights. The flavours from the gravy hit us first, with scallop acting as a conduit to the umami blend of both uni and Hotate. Add a little crisp to the texture in this creation; baby sardine sheet was an addictive addition to the dish. Plus the caviar and that bundle of chili thread for a special touch of elegant finishing, this is perfect visually and taste.


2.Xenri Japanese Fine Dining @ Old Klang Road
3.Xenri Japanese Fine Dining @ Old Klang Road


Next is the Poached Masu with Organic Apple Dressing, on a bed of ikura for a complete balance of refreshing pop of brine and perfect poach of melting salmon. The salmon tears effortlessly and demonstrates not only the freshness of their produce, but at the same time the techniques when it comes to prepping the salmon.


4.Xenri Japanese Fine Dining @ Old Klang Road
5.Xenri Japanese Fine Dining @ Old Klang Road


And pulling luxury into egg custard, a clean and neat textured steamed egg infused with spinach is served topped with a luscious cut of liver to once again showcased their gastronomic masterpiece by refining classic dishes with a touch of elegance using contemporary art of fine food.Spinach chawamunshi with foie gras achieves a good balance of both colours, as well as its texture and flavour.


6.Xenri Japanese Fine Dining @ Old Klang Road
7.Xenri Japanese Fine Dining @ Old Klang Road


Moving to trigger heavier portions and flavours, next dish to arrive showcased a lovely size of Slow Cooked French MeltiqueBeef at 58o with sauce and simple sides of assortment of sautéed fruits and vegetables. Keeping their seasoning minimal this could be the right dish to savour the authentic flavour of the ingredient. Because out of simplicity can come excellence.


8.Xenri Japanese Fine Dining @ Old Klang Road
9.Xenri Japanese Fine Dining @ Old Klang Road


Yet, my favourite of the night is the Chirimen Jyako Houba Meshi -rice cooked with baby anchovies with mild seasoning and flavour, yet extravagant in aroma from the Hoba leaf wrapped around. Complimenting this is the Smoked Saba Mackerel Bisque– a slice of Saba fish grilled to have the smokiness infused inside the soup when cooked in the soup. This pair of both mellow flavoured rice and essence of highly seasoned soup was the perfect match made in heaven.


10.Xenri Japanese Fine Dining @ Old Klang Road
11.Xenri Japanese Fine Dining @ Old Klang Road


The kaiseki menu wrapped with artisan dessert, serving Japanese Mochi covered in kinako and despite being a little dulcified to my liking, is a pleasant sweet finishing.


12.Xenri Japanese Fine Dining @ Old Klang Road
13.Xenri Japanese Fine Dining @ Old Klang Road


A bonus treat for us that day, a roast prune mocktail infused with refreshing ohba leaf.


14.Xenri Japanese Fine Dining @ Old Klang Road


If in any way that this artistry menu is too much for solo dining (thanks to that generous portion), some of these dishes are in fact their very own signature dishes. And because the menu changes accordingly to availability of ingredients to ensure the best is being served to dinners, expect to be surprised. Serving at RM 230 per pax, and this is totally a fine indulgence worthy of the experience – elegant services at very zen dining ambiance, on top of fresh and carefully curated dishes that’s certain to please their diners.


Xenri Fine Dining is located at:
10, Lorong 4/137c, Bedford Business Park,
58200 Kuala Lumpur
Phone:+60 3-7783 8118
Monday- Saturday: 12pm–10:30pm, Sunday: 12pm–2:30pm, 6pm–10:30pm
GPS: 3.085505,101.670805
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/xenri/


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