Ever struggled to eat raw greens? Or getting the little one to consume the nutrition from the greens? This one is a great solution to make sure we have as much greens as possible.


1.Vege smoothie bowl  (twinkle stars)


We all know the greens are best consumed raw but have always hated the flavour. The easiest way is actually masking the green with aromatic fruit to make the most delicious and nutritional smoothie bowl to start the day clean and stay healthier. When Kellogg’s released their latest breakfast product, I tried introducing it to my niece and made a smoothie bowl to go with the granolas. Topped it with bananas to make it fancier just so she would be convinced to eat it but to my surprise, it was polished in no time!


2.Vege smoothie bowl  (twinkle stars)
Vege smoothie bowl  (twinkle stars)


Ingredients :
1 cup blueberries
1 large banana
¼ cup greek yogurt
A handful of spinach


Toppings :
Banana, buckwheat, Chia seed, granola


3.Vege smoothie bowl  (twinkle stars)


Happy way to start the day.


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