Packed with all goodness of lactobacillus and super rich in flavour, the sophisticated taste from kimchi is produced with very simple and affordable ingredients. And albeit the variation of kimchi types, they all do not stray far from the basic techniques of brining and fermenting. And the recent addition of my electrical appliance made fermentation good and easy for my kimchi batches. The new Panasonic Electric Oven NB- H3800SK (RRP: RM 669) comes simple analog knobs to simplify operations for users and this automatic Fermentation function produces optimum environment of warmth for products to be fermented. Most importantly, the oven enclosure creates a draft-free environment so items undergoin fermentation do not dry out. We know how perfect that would be for bread proofing. I know I am super loving it!


1.Ferment kimchi with Panasonic Electric Oven


Here is the recipe for this simple kimchi recipe that I make all the time when I need things to be quick and fast. This one is replacing napa cabbage with our local round cabbage. I bought mine from Cameron organic farm but any regular round cabbages would work equally great. Round green cabbages are thicker and crunchier and a lot sweeter than napa cabbages when turning thme into kimchi.


This recipe makes 1.5 L kimchi :


Ingredinets and methods:
Chop and dice a medium sized cabbage (approximately 1.2kg) into 1-2 inch pieces and sprinkle 3 Tbs coarse salt evenly all over the pieces of cabbages and let it sit while making sure to be tossing it once or twice within the 2 hours. Wash and rinse twice and drain well before mixing the mixture of chili paste.


2.Ferment kimchi with Panasonic Electric Oven


For the mixture of chili paste, put together 50 g julienne radish and 1-2 leek (optional) , some chives and spring onion, the blend of all 1 inch knob of ginger, 3 Tbs shrimp sauce, 1 pear, quarter cup of hot chili pepper flakes, half yellow onion, ¼ cup chopped garlic and glutinous rice paste ( cook ¼ cup glutinous rice flour with 1.5 cup water on stove till gooey) .


3.Ferment kimchi with Panasonic Electric Oven
4.Ferment kimchi with Panasonic Electric Oven


Mix and pack everything into jar and ferment in oven for 1.5 hours.


5.Ferment kimchi with Panasonic Electric Oven


Eat this as it is, or store in fridge to eat it as a cold side dish. Along with amazing nutritional value, kimchi can also be used as ingredients to also cook many other delicious dishes.


1. kimchi


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