Train To Busan Horror House

Award winning movie Train to Busan, came to life the night it was launched in Skytropolis Genting Highlands with presence of Roger Ong, Assistant Vice President of Entertainment & Events from Resorts World Genting together with Jzune Wong, Business Development Manager from AirAsia and Jed Mok, Chief Executive Officer of VividThree to present the best of horror in a horror house adventure. The first-of-its-kind in the world, the Horror House launches on 31 October 2019 with zombies and walking dead terrorizing the media launch.

Based on the blockbuster 2016 South Korean zombie apocalypse movie -Train to Busan, Resorts World Genting has got the entire railway line of horror for the whole of two months, offering a unique blend of horrific thrills and scary fun to fans of the movie and fans of horror in general. Fan of the movie would really enjoy the set up of scenes from the movie as well as superb acts of the zombies. The talents were completely convincing to have visitors absolutely immersing into apocalypse, one would appreciate the fluent Korean and the amazing prosthetic makeup.


According to the release from Resorts World Genting, Train To Busan is one of the highest-grossing Korean films ever. In Malaysia, it has grossed over RM21 million and still ranks as the top Korean film of all time in the market. So, local and global audiences will be familiar with the story of a father and daughter attempting to survive among a zombie outbreak – which has been described as ‘a thrillingly unique and pure entertaining take on the zombie genre’ with ‘plenty of social commentary… and skilfully staged action.’

The entrance gets visitors to experience several sections of interactive activities, starting from Seoul station, to an apocalyptic version of the gigantic train station, fending off zombies and traps as they battle through environments such as the Long Corridor, the Toilet, the Supermarket, the Café and the Mirror Maze to reach their goal: the train that will take them away from this hellish nightmare. And moving to an actual train to Busan with Train Platform and Passenger Train Carriage, through the Chemical Cargo Train and CDC Lab, to safety, before a good VR experience with amours and guns to the quarantine areas from invading zombies – just like the finale of the movie – or fighting against time to develop a cure from the ravaging virus.

Should anyone survive the experience, there is a lovely retail street with super cute Korean vendors selling popular Korean snacks.

Check out footages of the launch on my weekly Youtube vlog:

Take note the Horror House will be open from Friday to Sunday between 1 November to 1 December 2019, and daily from 2 December 2019 to 1 January 2020. Tickets are priced at RM90 for regular admission (RM80 for Genting Rewards Club members). A Train To Busan Horror House single admission plus Skytropolis Preview Pass combo package is available at RM128, and guests looking at skip the queue can opt for an additional Express Pass at RM30. For more information, visit or call +603 2718 1118. For AirAsia BIG members, please visit to purchase tickets.

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