We have all seen the soy trend making a scene but not quite at the peak, however sufficient for them to sustain and continue to exist and stay as another addition of dessert or even beverage choice. And with the boba coming back and taking the beverage dominion by storm with the brown sugar trend, every beverage (and even food) is trying to incorporate these chewy tapioca balls into every item possible. If milk can have sugar and sold at RM 10 per cup on average with addition of these chewy balls made of flour, so can the soy bean. And so, it is to be healthier, vegan friendly option for milk tea lovers.


I’ve personally tried it and it but it really wasn’t the best substitution to replace the craze of boba trend. This however would really have a place amongst soya lover though I  thought it maybe a little too sweet to my liking. 


Joybean is operating in Sunway Pyramid at Lg 1.25 


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