Heys, I hope this never ending MCO has given us a new perspective…and I certainly hope that everyone is doing great. I have been on idle on social media for a while now but I’m taking time to adapt, and learning new things. I’ve been brewing tea for a while now and I’m delighted for Tea X for being that tea collector’s portal added to my list of reliable sites for all tea trading. I can now confidently buy tea online. And I am especially happy to be able to catch up on updates after a long missing in action on most of my posting platforms.

I was pretty excited to be sharing my thoughts and I am really happy to be sharing this unboxing for they are after all Malaysia’s first international “tea Collector’s Portal”. On top of that, this was their parent day campaign and it there is a lot of emotions on my side, especially when this maybe the longest for me to be away from them.

These days, I find myself waking up each day without my morning routine of “good morning Google”. And don’t miss her telling me what’s the weather forecast because the weather will be what’s how I stared into the sky as I check on my lush garden in hope that I am closer to the dream of edible plants ready to be harvested anytime when I need them. Haha.. I laughed at this wishful thinking but hey, we can all hope for something can’t we?

I am now better in appreciating things that are worth waiting for.  That in my opinion is not the biggest thing covid thought me. It has thought me perseverance, it allows me to see how people can change and how much of what is presented to you is of full honestly and whole heartedly. I’ve had plans and projects in life planned and dropped, but it’s exactly these little changes that’s making me stronger and I was able to appreciate every single thing that happened.

When this package arrived at my doorstep, I immediately thought of my parent and it made me realised how much I have been missing them and missing some of my old lifestyle. I see art of fermentation in essence and beauty as the art of living, and that investing time maybe the most luxury form of return if this is a curation you can treasure. This new perspective made me more aware while we may be caught in that same twisting whirlpool of uncertainties for which all our finite lives are destined, we always have our own version of treasure.


I recall questioning why do wee set official dates to celebrate our parents. I supposed that I grew to realise these dates could sometimes boast a little memory recall, especially as they aged. Prolonged immersion in the harsh reality and cycle of life might have given the face a less youthful look as they age. But I see the features apparency of not only vigilance, well-fed maturity, most importantly- unconditional love and care ever provided without limit.

I’ve sent home tea packages for this occasion and will continue to bring home wonderful tea collection as soon as the borders reopen. I look forward to the next brewing session so we can all sip tea and talk. TEA X’s campaign in conjunction with celebrating parents day was indeed a good reminder to express our love and appreciation especially in such climate and I am so proud to be a part of the affiliate program for future tea purchasing. I don’t normally make affiliate partnership with brands unless they are really helpful and would benefit my readers or viewers. If PuErr is your thing than please check out TEA X reliable one-stop tea exchange and warehouse storage for Malaysia-aged Puer. From tea tasting to tea exchange and tea storage, traders can be assured of the quality and authenticity, thanks to the partnership between renown tea name – Malaysia’s Purple Cane Group. There is an assurance when it comes to commitment and quality and myself is very relief to be a part of this affiliation program. Feel free to check them out if you need storage for tea, or simply making purchases from traders.

Here is a referral link: https://www.teax.my/referral/sycookies.

Note: A mystery Vintage Puer Tea Pack would be given for those who sign up with my referral link Also check out Tea X on their website: https://www.teax.my/

Also put some of these thoughts into my unboxing and tea brewing, so please enjoy the calm brew of purple cane’s Er Wu Qing 二五青  This raw puer was launched in 2012 to celebrate Purple Cane’s 25th anniversary. Raw puerr is often lighter than aged puerr and is getting popular for its fresh aroma with notes of floral and lawn. There is bitterness but the sweet aftertaste follows after lingering flavour.



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