It’s been proven in studies how food intake determines the health with numerous researches also showing food intake as treatments to many health conditions. Complex diseases being that medical problem that increases risks of other diseases and health problems isn’t something too complicated but it is definitely more than just cosmetic concerns. It is important to recognize environmental factor is one of the multifactorial that contributes to complex disease and food can be that environmental factor that is totally within our control. I think it is rather accurate to say that most of us are at high risk here in Malaysia, seeing how we are so blessed with such diversity and access to amazing food. Unfortunately, that also mean overlooking healthier alternatives to the conventional. Take burger patty for instance and there are studies indicating consumers do not always detect differences between healthy and unhealthy foods (Wagner, Senauer, & Runge, 2007). Which is why there is more reason to consciously op for a better option when it comes to say burger patties (in specific) for this post since I’ve recently come to learn about Phuture Meat.


Now before we jump right into the cooking and the recipe, which is gonna take no more than 6 minutes to prep, did I mentioned that we are looking at plant-based meat here? And yet, we won’t miss out on nutrition and they are cholesterol free. I call this guilt free burger!

For the past few years, the plant-based lifestyle has become one of the trendiest for sure and potentially healthier, on top of definitely providing that more eco-conscious ways to live. Plant based meats are meat substitute made from soy, beans, seitan, and proven to provide sufficient nutritional value of that from actual meat. But back to Phuture patty here, I am astounded with the texture for sure and I truly believe this potentially can be competitive choices when it comes to burger patties in general in the market.  Take my word for it, it’s delicious. If you know me, I’m all into plant-based food and this flavour packed patty did impress me. I might not even think of it as a substitute to actual burger patty. In fact, I might crave this one from time to time. Plus, prepping is really easy- 2 minutes cooking on each side and you slide them into the bread of your choice and you get that delicious meal in minutes. I did mine with sourdough slices toasted with vegan butter and balancing moist with extra luscious, mashing in half an avocado, with tomato slices and romaine lettuce. So simple and so delicious I’d recommend it to anyone even if they are not vegan.

Recipe for one serving

1 Phuture burger patty

2 slices sourdough ( or any bread bun of your choice)

1 tsp butter (vegan butter or margarine for vegans)

Half tomato cut into slices

Half avocado mashed

Sliver of onion

Mustard (optional)

Honestly though, this one is so versatile it’s a no brainer. Happy chomping ! Check out and follow Phuture’s Facebook!

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