The Bankara Malaysia officially launches on the 18 January 2014 in Avenue K Kuala Lumpur, bringing Malaysians authentic Japanese ramen and spoiling us with delicious and intense flavours of satisfaction to the palate. This Tokyo’s top ramen specialist offers four distinct styles of ramen each with their own unique broth and noodle, namely Bankara Signature Ramen from Tokyo, Hakata-style Tonkotsu Ramen, Sapporo-style Miso Ramen and Tsukemen.


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The word “bankara” is a colloquial term best to define “power” and there is no better word to describe the dining experience at the restaurant. Starting with its interior to bring dinners as close to Japan as possible with many Japanese inspired elements from traditional warehouse vaults with the scene stealer of the calligraphy mural hand painted by Kusano-san (president of Hanaken, operator of Bankaran Ramen) himself. Follow by the consistently energetic and attentive crew of passionate staff.


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Immersing in a total authentic Japanese food culture, we were served the Kakuni Bankara (Rm 30). A medium sized noodle served with Chashu (Braised pork roll slices), bamboo shoots, dries seaweeds, and Japanese onions topped with the signature kakuni (braised pork belly). Their special pork bone broth infused with refined shoyu was a heavenly pair to brace the ramen and ingredients.


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Freshly pressed garlic for those with stronger palate and allow the pungent aroma to linger and roam with the fragrance of a lusciously plump sized braised pork belly. Each dining table is complete with freshly peeled garlic and presser for us to tune accordingly to your liking.


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Some might find the thick broth to be overpowered by the hovering grease and oil on the noodle but the way that it is promises velvet coating to each strand of these Japan imported ramen. Every slurp was gloriously satisfying and flavourful.


Bankara ramen-Kakuni Bankara RM 10 (2)
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A good and tasty dish is a combination of fresh ingredients and good recipe. When the both comes together, the birth of Tsunami Menma (RM 10) is destined to impress the bamboo shoot lovers.


10.Bankara ramen -Tsunami Menma RM 10


Bamboo shoots boast a distinct and unique taste subjected to personal palate. These Japanese bamboo shoots here are tossed in secret fragrant oil and topped with very fresh Japanese onion. I was having trouble with my wisdom tooth but was still enjoying this terrifically.


11.Bankara ramen -Tsunami Menma RM 10 (3)


After being wowed by the bamboo shoots, the Tori karaage (RM10) might have initially seemed a little bland but when sticking it between the teeth, this deep-fried marinated chicken was one addictive communal dish. The zest was boast even more with the squeeze of lemon wedge.


12.Bankara ramen -Tori karaage RM10 (1)


The noodle and side dishes were very much characterized by the enthusiasm and liveliness of the team and that certainly warrants a return.


The Bankara Ramen is located at:
Lot 2-7, Level 2 Avenue K
156 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-21818618
Fax: 03-21645630
GPS: 3.159399, 101.714014
Operation Hour 11am-10pm


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